Week 38.4

The main reason for this blog….

Life of HeArt

Week 38 started like this:


And then on day four…the shiz got real:

13:00 : To try to “naturally” induce labour, account the gestational diabetes, my OB does a “stretch & strip”…it does nothing most of the time but doesn’t hurt to try.

23:00 : all the Braxton Hicks I usually get in the evenings have gotten more uncomfortable and omg, there’s bloody show. I was in early stages of labor.

23:30 : We go to bed, or rather, Skywalker does, because the contractions have started to actually hurt so I’m out of bed and pacing and timing the waves.

03:00 : Contractions are 5 min apart and lasts 1 min each…equivalent to 6-8 slow yoga style breaths. Skywalker wakes and notices I’m not in bed.

04:00 : Contractions are 4 min apart, we call the OB group who then confirms we could head to the hospital

04:30 : At the hospital waiting for assessment.

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