I didn’t know…

Life of HeArt

  • One side effect of getting an epidural is shivering, teeth clattering and your body shaking. I was shaking so badly.
  • After delivery, the swelling in your nether regions will be bad enough to move your anatomy to different places.
  • A hospital discharge requirement is that you be able to pee on your own…don’t take this for granted. Also don’t take for granted that you can hold your urge to pee.
  • Just because the stitches have dissolved and the wound is closed doesn’t mean the flesh under the stitches is healed. Careful how you get on and off soft surfaces…like your bed.
  • You will bleed for a month afterwards.
  • Choices like “Should I eat or sleep” will be about as complicated as things get….choose sleep by the way.
  • You show all the water you’ve retained with super swollen feet. Think club foot and cankles.
  • You will then lose a lot of water from your…

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