Day in the Life

Life of HeArt

First week ::

12am : feed baby & change diaper
1am : sleep
3:30am : feed baby & change diaper
4:30am : eat something and then sleep
7am : feed baby & change diaper
8am : drink something and then sleep
10:30am : feed baby & change diaper
11:30am : trying to get baby to nap
1:30pm : baby finally napping and you want to as well but are also really hungry so you eat and then sleep
4pm : feed baby & change diaper
5pm : remember to brush your teeth and then sleep
7:30pm : feed baby & change diaper
8:30pm : start eating dinner, feed baby & check diaper
9:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
10:30pm : finish eating dinner, feed baby & change diaper
11:30pm : feed baby & check diaper
12am : start all over again

I don’t think I managed to shower until day…

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