Breastfeeding – Week 1

First week

Yes…it’s a beautiful connection between mother and baby. And I hear there’s something about some kind of mysterious connection and wordless communication between the two that leads to some kind of bonding.

I just thought about how cool it was that she knew exactly what to do when I moved my breast close to her mouth….I didn’t even really know what to do. I also found it cute how she’d open wide and pounce like a kitten on a ball of yarn. And there was something beautiful about how her little head bobbed while she drank.

And then I internally cringed at the thought of how it might be when she has teeth.


2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding – Week 1

  1. my four month old is teething now & has chomped twice. Desperately trying to train her that no means no already! The day that first tooth breaks through I can imagine my breastfeeding days are very numbered!

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