I cried a little…

8 weeks old

….inside….when she screamed a high pitch scream as the first needle went into her thigh. Yup. It was her first vaccinations at two months. (There were to be three needles.) I was to hold her arms down during the process. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut and she cried with all the might get little body could muster. Needles two and three were a blur after that.

As soon as the last bandage was on, I scooped her to my chest and told her what a brave & strong little girl she was. And she was because the crying stopped soon after. I felt pretty proud of her.

Two month vaccinations include :

Side effects for NessNess included :

  • low grade fever, under 38 C
  • extra fussiness & clinginess
  • more sleepy

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