Ah ha moment

8 weeks old

One day she suddenly refused to feed. First she seemed unwilling to latch but then she did. Only to unlatch after spending just a couple minutes on her meal. For the life of me I couldn’t get her back on to finish her meal. So I looked it up on the trusty Internet and read something about babies going on nipple strike. Sounds like a spoiled brat to me! (Like they can spoil their appetite when their only choices are milk or milk, right??) And then I had a thought…

What if it’s because I applied lanolin after I had applied a fragrant Bio Oil to my belly stretch marks? What if that’s what she smells & tastes and finds it gross or doesn’t recognize the normal scent? I have no research to prove this but after I scrubbed my hands, washed myself and reapplied the lanolin, she had a good feed.

‘course it could just be that she was more hungry by now. But I’m going to make sure lanolin gets applied first next time.


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