That Window

15 weeks old

They say as soon as you get used to something, your baby changes it up….so I won’t say I’ve figured this out because who knows when she’ll change it up. But I think I’m getting that window of time I need to put her down for a nap by before it’s too late and I have a clingy cranky baby until the next feed.

Nessness is currently on a three hour feed cycle (on average…I’m not purely by the clock) and given her age, she will be awake for 75-90 minutes, including her feed time, before I need to put her down for a 90 min nap. So far, the slight majority of her naps work out to this timing. Sometimes it’s a shorter awake time and sometimes it’s longer…But too much longer and I can say adios to that nap. As well as whatever I was hoping to get done during that time.

So far, however, so good.
Please stay that way for a while Baby!


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