16 weeks old

One of the wisest things I’ve heard regarding parenting was from Ms PR :

Don’t start any habit that you’ll need to break later.

That’s something that I’m really trying to follow. Sometimes it’s easier/faster/more convenient to give in or do it myself….and I’m sure this feeling will exponentially as Nessness starts testing her boundaries….But I have to think long term!

So some habits we’re working on right now are :

  • Self soothing, no sleep aids : She has to fall asleep by herself from an awake state so no rocking, bouncing, white noise, music, cradling, etc. Though, she’s taken to sucking her fist when trying to soothe herself to sleep. We’re concerned the saliva will break down her baby soft skin so the pacifier is under consideration…for sleep time only. And we’d want to break this dependency by age one.
  • Playing by herself : I do play with her during her awake time. We sing, tour the house, look at books, look out the window, do exercises & tummy time…and I plan on going on walks now that her awake time is more substantial; however, I also want her to learn to play quietly by herself as a step towards learning independence. So far she’ll grab at stuffies and happily kick the air as she stares at the ceiling fan by herself in her room…But we’ll see how this changes as she grows.
  • Eating a full feed : We don’t want her to be a snacker, crying for a feed every hour. So if she’s not sick, then I keep trying to feed her during meal time until she’s refused me a few times. Then no more milk until her next feed time. Hopefully this translates into not leaving the dinner table until she’s done dinner.

That’s it for now. Anything else I should be aware of or watch out for?

I am reminded though that this child is God’s daughter and we have the responsibility & privilege of raising her…so we need to trust in Him first and foremost, as opposed to our human methods to bring up a child. May He provide us the wisdom.


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