Blink of an eye

17 weeks old

(Image not mine)She’s growing too fast. I remember when she didn’t fit her newborn sleepers anymore at the end of for weeks. It was a sad moment. She’s grown past the 0-3 month clothes now too. She doesn’t fit quite as neatly on my chest when I burp her. And she’s starting to feel hefty. (I need to work out. Or I need to work her into my work outs…like 3 sets of 10 rep baby lifts.) I understand what my parents meant when they describe time with their kids passing in a blink of an eye.

Yes, babies are supposed to grow. While sometimes I wish she wasn’t quite so dependent on me, I mostly wish there was more time to enjoy her as a small bundle of joy. No turning back though, Time doesn’t wait and the most I can do is take pause in the moments that feel precious. And instill as much love and knowledge and wisdom as I have to pass on to her. So help me God.

And record as much as I can in photos & videos.
Hurray for the age of smart phones!


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