It ain’t no office job

19 Weeks old

So….my body is falling apart. My feet and ankles hurt. My knees pull. IT bands are tight. Lower back and glutes are tight. My hands are tired. Wrists are sore. My right shoulder feels like it’ll unhinge soon. And right biceps tendon actually seized up the other day. It’s a wonderful and divine provision of God that I’m married to a physiotherapist.

As I thought about why I’m so achy…other than my obvious lack of physical exercise in the last year or so…I realize it’s also because being a Mommy is SO MUCH MORE physically demanding than my desk job. I would sit for 8 hours every day. And living in a condo, working from home, means the longest distance I have to walk for anything is less than 20 ft. Now, in a two storey half duplex with a four month old baby, I’m picking her up and setting her down many times a day. I’m on my knees for some floor play time with her. She loves being lifted into the air so I do several sets of those baby lifts a day as well. And when she wants a cuddle….there she sits in the crook of my arms. I’m carrying her up and down the stairs. It’s almost a full day workout.

But I should still work some planned and structured physical activity back into my days. I’m thinking of walks and yoga. Stretch out all the tightness and slowly build strength everywhere. What do you do for exercise as a Mom?


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