Blessing & Curse

20 Weeks Old

I have nearly 1500 photos/videos of Nessness on my phone…about 6.3 GB worth. I love how I can instantly capture so many images and memories and sounds with the little device. Her grandparents are whipping out their phones and snapping pictures all the time as well. Gone are the days of the regular camera.

At the same time…I find myself rather distracted when I’m with Nessness. I’m staring at my screen, reading my feeds and surfing while Nessness is watching me and the thing I have in my hand _all_the_time. She even knows to quiet her crying if I whip out my phone to record her meltdown episode. I’m missing out on the eye contact and interactions as I poke and swipe at my device. Considering how quickly they grow and how some things they do might be the last time they do it, I want to be present more.

I also don’t want her to have any screen time before the age of two. This article and this, amongst many others, warn of dangers of screen time.

And, I am embarrassed to admit…I’ve dropped the phone on my daughter’s head while feeding. Twice. =(

So now I’m trying to not let her see my phone. It’s probably healthier for me to not stare at my phone that much too.

A blessing and a curse.


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