Every evening between 5:30pm until bath time around 7:15pm. Why is that again? Should I be doing something at this time other than try to eat my dinner? Diaper is clean, tummy is fed. Three 90 minute naps were had through the day. I feel like I’ve missed a memo. I tell Nessness to use her words but I suppose it’s a bit early for that.


The Meltdown Foot

The Meltdown Foot



3 thoughts on “Meltdown

  1. Sounds like witching hour to me. Aurora starts hers at about 8pm and goes until 8:30pm – 9pm.

    The best suggestion for witching hour that I have is to snuggle. For us, we usually just hold Aurora or put her down for bedtime. she seems to sleep if we put her down (most of the time).

    This is just another phase that will pass eventually. Good luck!

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