Toilet Training


20 weeks old

Yup…you read that right…we’re starting some toilet training. It’s called the Elimination Communication (EC) method…though we’re not following it entirely. I didn’t even know that’s what it’s called. My realtor and sister-in-law just told me to try putting Nessness on the toilet after each feed until she eliminates something from her body. And within two weeks the baby should know to go when put on the toilet. This will eventually make getting out of diapers much easier and much earlier.

What I’m motivated by is not having to deal with poo after she starts solids. Right now she’s fully breastfed and her poo isn’t very stinky at all. I would like to keep things minimally odorous around here. And, it was advised if we’re thinking about having a second one soon (as my family likes to remind me, I’m not getting any younger), it’d be a good idea to have the first one toilet trained first.

So I’ve been putting her on the toilet after every feed if I’m home. But I only have the patience to hold her there for about 5-7 minutes before pulling her off. However, she maybe starting to get the hang of it already. She putting something into the toilet three out of four times I put her on it. And we do a little celebratory dance on the toilet seat after every tinkle we hear. She gives a big smile when we do it.

Could she be out of diapers by the age of one? Crossing my fingers.


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