Bottle Training

21 weeks old

When Nessness was born, she ended up losing too much weight the first day or so at the hospital so we had to bottle feed some formula to her. This continued after we went home because my milk wasn’t coming in fast enough. But eventually the issue resolved and she no longer needed the bottle. And now, well, I’d like to go out in the evenings now and then…cuz I should maintain a life as a woman and friend to others apart from being “just” a mom…so we want to get Nessness to take a bottle again. That way Daddy can get more Daddy-Daughter time.

It’s been a process.

The first re-introduction she just played with the bottle nipple in her mouth…pushing it back and forth and out of her mouth. The milk was trickling in but she didn’t figure out how to swallow either. Then she would just get mad because she was hungry, could smell the milk, but wasn’t able to satisfy her hunger by gulping it back like she usually does. After 20 minutes of trying, we just went back to breastfeeding. Dumped out the expressed breast milk (EBM). I always feel like it’s such a waste, but at least it’s free?

Repeat this once a day four more times.

And then one day, she just started to suck on the bottle and guzzled everything down. HURRAH! She figured it out! (We use the Nuk bottle that also comes free in the Nestle Baby kit. We like free.)

Now to figure out how much she actually needs to drink to be full. I can pump about 60mL but she seems to drink over 100mL. Does she usually drink that much more than what I can get out with a pump? Anyone know?


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