Saliva Queen

21.5 Weeks Old/5 months old today!

Saliva Queen
Drool Master
Hao Sui Wong (Cantonese for “Saliva King”)

This girl can drool. At about 3.5 to 4 months old her saliva glands started to work. And work really well. We’re talking 5-6 soaked bibs a day. And her sleeper and onsie underneath would still be wet down to her tummy. It was just nonstop. At first we were, ok “I” was, afraid she might be teething…but the doctor confirmed it’s just her saliva glands kicking in. And she doesn’t know how to swallow it yet. I never thought about how you might need to figure out how to swallow your own saliva. Seems second nature…like breathing…but I guess it’s not!

It has since gotten better now at 5 months old. I hear some audible gulps and some choking…but she’s figuring out how to swallow saliva. Yay! We’re also down to maybe one or two soaked bibs at most.

And now we can do the airplane thing over our heads or floors without worrying about saliva getting everywhere.


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