Ah hah Moment : Green Poo

24.75 weeks old

Last week I started noticing green poop in the diaper. Mucusy. And she was also going in the toilet too. That’s too many poos in one day to be normal. This poo was giving her diaper rash too. Two more days of the same and I know something is off. So I Googled it…sounds like diarrhea. Which isn’t good for babies.

But, Nessness wasn’t acting sick. She was alert, active, energetic, talkative, rosy-cheeked. Then why the green poos?

I emailed the doctor and she said it’s either a stomach bug or an inability to digest a certain protein in a reaction to what I’m eating…and probably the latter since she doesn’t sound sick.

And then I knew…it’s the cheese I’ve been eating. And ice-cream. She’s sensitive to the dairy I eat. I cut it out of my diet before cuz it gave her bad gas but then I noticed the gas went away so I started dairy again. Then the green poo started. So I must continue to avoid dairy. Darn.


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