I love…

30 weeks old

  • her incredibly soft and smooth palmsBig Smile.jpg
  • her natural mohawk that still stands up, well mostly…it’s starting to flop
  • her big smile when she deposits something into the toilet
  • her big smiles in general
  • happy arm flaps and leg kicks when she sees mommy or daddy
  • hearing more consonants in her chatter
  • how she looks at me in earnest as she “talks” about something
  • when she opens her mouth wanting more pureéd food (yams for the win so far)
  • watching her bounce with joyful abandon on the Jolly Jumper
  • when her face lights up as she sees me come into her room in the morning
  • the way she reaches for my face and just holds my chin
  • watching her totally focused on Daddy during story time before bed




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