Day in the Life of 7 month old

31.5 weeks old

8am – first feed, toilet time, wash face and rub gums, eat pureed breakfast, tummy time
9:30ish am – nap (for baby and I)
11-11:30ish am – feed, toilet time, lunch puree, play time (exersaucer or playpen etc)
12:30-1ish pm – nap
2-2:30ish pm – feed, toilet time, go for walk, jolly jumper, read
3:30-4ish pm – nap
5-5:30ish pm – feed, toilet time, dinner puree, play while Mommy makes dinner
7pm – family dinner time at the table
7:30pm – bath time with Daddy
8pm – last feed, then story time and prayers with Daddy
8:30-45ish pm – sleep until morning!

She’s still on a 3ish 3.5ish hour feed schedule. Her awake time has increased from 1.5 to 2 hours between naps. And her last nap is becoming a short 45 minute nap as opposed to a full 1.5 hour nap. I anticipate in the next month or so she might lose the third nap and hopefully her meal times will better line up with ours. I’ll also need to figure out more discovery/activity stuff she can do during her awake time. Growing so fast….sigh.


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