My Pet

31.75 weeks old

You don’t hear this very often but I realize that I kind of related to Nessness as if she were my pet. Particularly in the earlier months. I kept her fed, changed her soiled diapers, did some cuddling, dangled things above her for her to stare/reach at and took pictures of her cute poses & expressions. She was like a kitten in the way she arched her back or stretched her arms, legs & neck or rubbed her face into my shoulder. And then she was kind of like a puppy…spending more time on her tummy, wobbly on her hands & knees, grabbing toys and bringing it to her mouth for tasting, doing toilet training, as well as being a bit more verbal in her whining & calling out. Anyone relate?

But now, just over seven months old, she’s most definitely a little human with her own mind and will. She looks you in the eyes and “tells” you stuff. She cries if I so much as break eye contact and start to turn away from her. I can’t distract her with toys as easily. She can grumble and complain when I’m late to feed her (not crying…just complaining.) Big squeals of laughter and ha-ha-ha’s and shrieks of delight. She knows if she’s in the wrong because she won’t look at me…actually puppies do that too. But yeah, she’s growing in self-determination…like in refusing to open her mouth for pureed foods if it’s not her favorite. I’m sure there’s more of that to come. All this presents a growing challenge of how to balance out my expressions of love through nurturing, playing, teaching, laying out boundaries and defining consequences. Beyond behavior modification to actual character development. Sure she’s “only” seven months old….but when I look into her eyes I see that I must not underestimate her. From what my parents tell me, seven months will be come seventeen years pretty quickly. (Right Mah?)


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