32 weeks old

Nessness started her first taste of solids at six months of age. It was the bland brown rice cereal. From there I tried to apply some of the ideas gathered from a great book called “Wholesome Baby Food”….also found here. This is what Ness has tried so far as well as how well she likes it based on how readily she’ll open her mouth for more (1-doesn’t like, 5-likes a lot):

  • Yams/Sweet potatoes (5)
  • Zucchini (3)
  • Carrots (5)
  • Yu Choi (1)
  • Peas (4)
  • Beans (3.5)
  • Bananas (3.5)
  • Apple (raw) (3)

My trick is to combine a well liked puree with a less liked one…like yams with yu choi. Then she’ll eat it all. Anything rated 3.5 and higher she’ll eat by itself…anything lower needs to be paired with something rated a 4 or 5. I use the bland rice cereal to thicken the purees. As they warned, the fortified rice cereal leads to constipation so I make sure she’s eating yam in one or two meals to keep her BM going. The fruits I’m feeding to her at the end of her meal…like a dessert. Though, right now I don’t think she keen on the sliminess of bananas or the tartness of apples. But she likes that it’s sweet so she’ll open her mouth for more even though she’s grimacing as it goes into her mouth. Cute.

Next up to try:

  • Squashes
  • Broccoli
  • Egg yolk
  • Tofu
  • Congee
  • Fish

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