Day in The Life of a 7.5 Month Old

33 weeks old

Because this week’s baby is often different from last week’s baby, I’d like to document her new schedule. She just stopped taking her 3rd nap one day and as I tried different lengths of awake time to see if that’ll get the 3rd nap back, I came to the conclusion she’s just getting older and I have to let go of the 3rd nap. *tears*

08:00 am – First feed, toilet time, purees, play
10:00 am – Nap
11:30 am – Feed, toilet time, purees, play
01:30 pm – Nap
03:30 pm – Feed, toilet time, play
05:30 pm – Purees, play
06:30 pm – Sit at dinner table with family for dinner
07:00 pm – Toilet time, Bath time
07:30 pm – Last feed, bedtime story and prayers with Daddy
08:00 pm – Bed


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