33.5 weeks old – 1st tooth
35 weeks old – 2nd tooth

Wow. Didn’t expect like this at all.
One night. Two extra hours of crying. Some chewing on a refrigerated teething toy. Tooth was cut by morning. That’s it.

But the second tooth is making up for that. Since last week she’s crying more. Clingier in general and less willing to independently play. Her feeds are a lot shorter and she’ll sometimes only take half. She’s also only eating a few bites of puree before pressing her lips together, looking at me with eyes that say, “you can’t make me.” As a result of the deceased caloric intake, she is waking a couple times at night to feed. Ungggg. I’ve started to try rubbing her gum with my finger to see if I can encourage that tooth to break through faster. I know, this probably isn’t even that bad. But still…it’s shaking up my groove.

To quote Ms PR,

But yes, teething is just a mofo. And if u think teething is bad now, wait for 2 year old molars. 🙂

I can’t wait.


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