38.5 weeks old

It’s happening! She’s signing to us! That’s a huge leap in communication! She flaps and waves her arms around a lot and we were never certain if it meant anything….unless she was shaking and screaming in anger. But a couple days ago when I asked if she wanted water, she touched her hand to the corner of her mouth. Coincidence? I asked again. And she did it again. So I passed her sippy cup which she happily received. We’ll have to work on the “please” signal but she signed!!

(Image not mine)Then yesterday, mid feed of egg & peas in chicken stock puree, she refused to eat, made some urgent noises and looked pleadingly into my eyes, shaking her hands and for just one second, she had both her fists in the letter “T” sign for “toilet”. We had been practicing prior to every toilet time in training….but was this a fluke? I guess the only way to know is to see if she actually goes. So up to the toilet we went and I sat her down. One minute later she bears down and makes her poo-face. SUCCESS!!! She’s communicating!


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