7 weeks pregnant when morning sickness hit
23 weeks pregnant when diagnosed with gestational diabetes
38.4 weeks when she was born
30 days of Chinese postpartum confinement
8 weeks old before active sleep & feed training started
6 hours of sleep reached by 11 weeks
10 hours of sleep reached by 13 weeks
3 months when my hair started falling out like crazy
6 months before hair loss no longer crazy
6 months started solids
7.5 months until her first two lower teeth started to cut
4-5 diaper changes a day
4 day nail trimming cycle
3.5 hour feeding cycle
1.5 hours to a full nap, twice a day
8.5 months until my period came back
38 weeks until she started to sign a little
39 weeks until she figured out how to roll from back to front


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