40 weeks old

10:00AM – Baby woke at 6:50am today. She should want this nap extra badly. I need a nap myself.

10:19AM – But she’s currently whining about her nap from the crib. Please sleep soon. I’m gonna try to get one in now.

10:28AM – Ugh she’s not sleeping….

10:49AM – Crying whining crying whining. This is where I’d like a monitor to see if she caught herself somewhere and needs help or if she’s just being stubborn.

10:50AM – She probably pushed herself into a corner. We don’t have bumper pads.

10:53AM – Great. I went in to check. She wasn’t in a corner and now she’s screaming cuz I didn’t pick her up and left.

11:04AM – More than half her nap is over. Haaaiii. I can forget having mine. Okay I’ll pick her up.

11:27AM – Crying hasn’t stopped since I picked her up. What to do. Put her on our bed and I lay next to her. Laugh & cry. Then just cry cry cry. Rolling around. Tears. Snot. Drool. Everywhere. Cry cry cry.

11:30AM – Feeding now. Sigh. And that was the nap that failed to happen.


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