Questions and comments that make me go grrrr!

As an INTJ, questions or comments that casts doubt on my competency makes me go grrrr. For example…

Did you feed her enough milk? I feed her until she refuses me. She’s always fed enough milk. You don’t have to ask. Asking kinda insults me.
You should nurse her to sleep so she won’t cry. The pattern is always feed-wake-sleep so no, I will not nurse her to sleep. Plus, I don’t want to start a habit I’ll need to help her break so again, no nursing to sleep.
Baby’s crying, maybe you should check if she’s OK. If she’s crying then she’s still breathing and is fine. If I check on her, she’ll cry harder and it’ll take longer for her to fall asleep.
Did she eat yet? If she’s playing with you then yes she’s eaten. The pattern is feed-wake-sleep.
Make sure she eats enough. You think I’ll purposely withhold food? I feed her until she repeatedly refuses me. No snacks in between meals.
Is she warm enough? Like I’ll let her get cold. I’m aware of the temperature, and I know babies need to be dressed a little warmer than what would be comfortable for an adult.
Is she too hot? First you think I don’t dress her warm enough then you think I dress her too warmly. I’ve got this. Plus if she’s too warm she’ll be sweating.


One thought on “Questions and comments that make me go grrrr!

  1. I agree with your points. Admittedly though, I have found Aurora’s leg stuck in between the crib slats a few times (she was crying of course, so I checked on her). But you know your baby’s cry best. If its not a concerning cry, YOU GOT THIS! =)

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