It Makes a World of Difference

If you’re having or have children and you have the option to move somewhere…move close to family. Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins….just aim to have family or people who are like family close by. It really makes a world of difference to have that support and help. I’m a few minutes’ drive from my Uncle’s family. On days I can’t get dinner together, we’re invited to their place. If I have a doctor’s appointment, I ask when my Uncle’s free to babysit and then I have my hassle free appointment. If my Aunt or Uncle is free in the evenings, Hubs and I can sneak out for a date (we supply snacks and Netflix.) And several times my Uncle has asked if I needed any groceries as he was on his way to pick stuff up. It’s such a blessing. SUCH. A. BLESSING.


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