Graves Disease Mommy

46 Weeks

I was first diagnosed with Graves Disease at the end of 2011. By the middle of 2012 I was free of meds but on diet restrictions (namely no seafood) to help manage it. In 2014, after delivering Nessness, the endocrinologist advised the Graves antibody wasn’t in my body anymore. And on finishing the Chinese postpartum confinement diet, I started to eat seafood again. But this year, to my great disappointment, it came back. Our plans to start trying for #2 are on hold for who knows how long. I’m back on meds and food restrictions. And this time, the muscle fatigue is worse. I’ve got joint pain as well…in my fingers, wrists, toes, ankle, low back. Ugh.

How does this affect being a newish Mom?

It’s hard to pick up my baby. My arms threaten to give way. My hands can’t keep their grip. My hands quiver as I bring spoons of food to Nessness’ mouth. My legs are also weak and quivery. Stairs are a feat…and a fear, of tripping or of legs giving way. So we take it slow. And I sadly try not to pick her up unless I need to. There’s also the meds that pass trace amounts into breast milk. The endocrinologist says it’s safe but I don’t want to risk too much….so I have to figure out this weaning business. Sorry Nessness. Mommy won’t be very fun for at least the next month. And then I’m going back to work. Oh man. Please God, let me be back in remission soon!


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