What a grave week

So, Graves came back. I lost a lot of muscle and with that, strength.

Last Saturday morning, I bent over to pick Nessness up from the floor, felt something pull in my lower back and then pain & weakness. I was next to my bed so I tossed her on and fell into bed myself, then phoned my uncle for help. My hubs came back from his morning shift and said I shouldn’t nurse the pain but to get up and walk. Which I painfully managed. By Monday I was on my own again. Still tight but no more pain. PTL!

Then this past Friday I started feeling itchy. Across my back, sides, tummy, and wrists. By the next day I had hives all over. I had an allergic reaction to Tapazol. Hives on your hands & feet are the worst!

Then on Tuesday I woke in the middle of the night with my right shoulder in so much pain. I could barely move my arm. Biceps tendinitis. Also probably linked with the muscle weakness. My wonderful hubs took the day off to take care of baby and me.

Then not to be left out my left shoulder seizes Wednesday night leaving me unable to use either of my arms on Thursday. I could bend my elbows and bring my hands to my chin. That’s about it. I felt like Tyrannosaurus Rex.

And as of yesterday my right knee is getting stiff and I’m limping. What is going on?? Is it still the Graves muscle weakness?

I’ve never had to be so dependent on others. I couldn’t even brush my hair or change my clothes unaided. It was humbling…and heartbreaking too as Nessness couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t pick her up. But I am SO THANKFUL for family & friends who so generously helped us out.

This week also helped us start the weaning process but that’s another post for another time.


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