Pregnancy Fashion

I considered myself lucky…that I worked from home and didn’t have to get set of maternity outfits. I basically cycled between five tops and a pair of lulu’s, black leggings and two pairs of maternity pants passed to me. The tops were the only items of clothing I bought. Pretty sweet. Goes well with my goal to spend as little as possible on pregnancy and the Baby.


That last dress shirt isn’t a maternity item; it’s a dress a bought a while back that actually fit over my belly. Hurray for clothes that can do double duty!

For shoes though….never mind those pretty flats and especially not heels (not for long anyways)…it’s terrible for your knees, which affects your hips, which affects your back. Investing in a solid pair of walking/running shoes makes you feel amazing. I bought the Asics GT 2000. Worth every penny!

So, some dollar stretching tips:

  1. If pregnancy is in your near future, consider buying tops that could double as maternity wear, like tunics, shirt dresses, or stretchy/draped/ruched tops.
  2. Lululemons go a really long way. When my belly was huge I’d just fold the top of the pants under the belly and keep going.
  3. Likewise with leggings, if lulu’s aren’t work appropriate. Buy tops were long enough to cover the tops of the pants.
  4. Use an elastic band to hold your jeans and trousers together during the earlier months of pregnancy. Later, cut an old but snug and stretchy shirt to make yourself a belly band that hides the unzipped pants. But if your hips have widened then just wear the comfortable leggings/lulu’s!
  5. Rotate between five tops and couple bottoms, as well as your double duty items, and make it look different with scarves or shawls or jewelry.
  6. With dresses however…be careful how high the front hem rides the more pregnant you are. Or pair shorter dresses with leggings. Maternity dresses have extra fabric in the front so the hem evens out. My pregnancy was through Fall/Winter/Spring so I didn’t worry too much about dresses.

For me, comfort came first. But have fun putting outfits together! Simplicity goes a long way.


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