My little Nessness turned one yesterday.

It’s kind of a bigish deal….but not really anything she’ll remember. I was torn about whether to have an intimate immediate family kind of deal to avoid the pressures of children’s birthdays or whether to invite everyone who’s been so supportive of us this first year….which I want to do…but without the pressure to making it all themed and Pintrest worthy. My husband said it can still be a gathering of family and good friends without having to make it Pintrest worthy. He’s right. Why pressure myself? Who cares really if we don’t have a theme or picture perfect decorations? Or picture worthy food spread? Or professional photos? Not the people who love and support us! And not Nessness….she’s going to see a candle and smash her little carrot or zucchini cupcake and it’ll all be fantastic.

So we sent out the evite and 50 people rsvp’d (Omg, introvert freak out moment). We prayed for good weather and planned to get kids funneled into the back yard. Hung two “happy birthday” banners and 21 balloons (of which only 4 were filled with helium because it costs $1.35 each to fill). Hired a friend with a home bakery business to do the baked stuff and hit up Costco for the rest.

Nessness laughed, cried, had lots of people to walk with her & play with her, missed her afternoon nap, got cranky, delicately ate her banana cake, and had more sugar in one sitting than in her entire life but she is one! We all survived the first year! (And I survived a big party….went to bed two hours early.)

Yup, our Nessness is one. We praise God for His grace & mercy. And now I brace myself for the pretoddler phase.


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