The Reason for New Stress Wrinkles on My Face

12-13 months old

I became a working mom on April 6th. That happened far quicker than I would’ve wanted. But what can you do. Since then, the last month and a half was frenetic in juggling work, housekeeping and childcare. We didn’t realize you had to sign up for daycare or day homes as soon as you got a positive pregnancy test. So we were about two years behind on the wait list. There are very few spots for babies under 36 months…even less for those under 18 months. We were in a bind that needed a solution fast. My Aunt advised, “If you’re going to pay money for someone to care for your baby, pay a little more and have them clean your house too. Then when you’re off work you can really enjoy the time with her without thinking about when you’ll gave the next opportunity to mop the increasingly gummy floor or do laundry.” She has a point, a well-kept house does wonders for de-stressing my mind. And then I heard about this. OMG. We started looking for a nanny.

The nanny search process was much more stressful and discouraging than anticipated. I paid for a subscription to ….a great site connecting care givers to those needing care. As soon as I posted I had applicants coming in. Then I was scheduling interviews and sorting out who we could afford. We learned a lot in the process.

During this time I was also constantly trying to ask friends if they could watch Ness for a portion of the day. What a humbling process to keep asking for help. Week after week. And what a blessing to have the community we do. There was one day though, about a month into our search, days of furrowing my brows reading profile after profile, after our third round of interviews, and after the third nanny trial fell through, and after EVERYONE I contacted for help the following Monday couldn’t make it, I cracked and cried. I started to wonder if God was closing doors as a way of telling me to not work.

Hubs shared that he felt God was telling him to be patient as He was lining up the right nanny. And that if we were going to pray for God to provide the right nanny, then we should let Him provide in His timing. He also said maybe we need to speed up the whole process. We were taking one week to interview/trial/make offer….but maybe it needs to happen even faster than that.

Practically speaking, my Aunt said it’d be a good idea to hang onto my job right now so that Hub’s can build his new client-base, we can continue to get all the extended health benefits, I get a second mat leave (no I’m not pregs) to allow us to maintain at least one stable income. All good points. So we paid for a second month of the nanny subscription and posted again. We lined up interviews on Friday. Selected a couple to trial on Sunday. Made an offer on Monday. And she started yesterday!


It’s the first time either of us have ever had any hired help for any kind of home stuff we’re capable of doing. The first day went well…and we’re praying for it to continue that way!

Question for Moms out there:
After you subtract the cost of a nanny ( including CPP, EI, Vacation pay, WCB) from your net income, what’s your threshold amount for it to be worth it to hire a nanny? What do you want your net take home amount to be?


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