Resisting the pull

Toys. So. Many. Toys.

We’re not overrun yet. But her toys are taking up more real estate in my living room. And the lull is there to buy.

Oh that would be fun for her.
Oh this is supposed to help in her motor skills.

Oh that helps with this development.

I’ve seen the rooms and basements and houses that are literally covered, save a path to the room exit, with toys. It’s a minefield to navigate because you don’t know what small, sharp toy is lying in wait to assault the bottom of your feet. I don’t want that to be us. Ever. Not even close. I get stress from a house that isn’t clean and tidy (and it’s usually not) so I can’t imagine the stress if it looks like ToysRUs threw up in our home. It’d be hard to get the kid(s) to clean up…as well as myself. My plan is just to not buy any toys at all and just see what gifts she gets. That’s it. Resist resist. Purge. Donate. Resist resist.

When will she get fascinated by cardboard boxes? Because we get a new one from Costco every week and it’d be great if she could maximize on the use of those boxes. The more basic and the less in number the toys, the better the imagination and creativity right?


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