12 months old

She started saying “dada” a few months earlier but we deduced she wasn’t referring to “daddy” because we don’t call my hubs that, we refer to him as “Baba”. It was further confirmed when Nessness used “dada” to refer to me, as well as grandma and grandpa, that “dada” probably refers to the special people in her life. It’s particularly sweet when I come around to her side of the car, open it, and be greeted with an excited “dada!”

I read that babies in bilingual homes speak later so that will be Nessness’ case. But what will her first word be? And will it be in Cantonese or English?

Well I think we now know what her first word is : wow

We’ve heard her say “wow” before but thought it might coincidentally be a contextually appropriate sound. Then one day I came home with a bag of little prune pureé jars, which she loves, and when she went into the bag and saw the lot, her eyes widened, she sat down on the floor, a jar in each hand, and said “wooowwww”.


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