Ignorance Was Bliss

11 months old

We didn’t get a baby monitor of any kind until a few months ago. We were in a condo and she was in our room so it really didn’t seem necessary. Even after moving into a bigger home & giving Nessness her own room, you could hear everything down the short, echo-y hall and stairs.

But then we came across a well-rated one on amazon that couldn’t be hacked into and was also on sale. We thought it’d be handy to peek or listen in if we’re working in the yard (because it’s a lot of work once you have one, a yard that is) or for one day if we have more kids to check how they’re playing etc. So we ordered two.

Well, seeing is believing.

Before getting a video monitor:
“Yup I put her to nap and she’s falling asleep asap because all is quiet. What a great napper.”

After getting a video monitor:
“OK she’s laying down and about to fall asleep. What? She’s rolling and sitting up. OK playing with her stuffy. Going back down. Good. Aw what? Getting back up. And walking around her crib! In a sleep sack! Now she’s pulling the curtain open to look outside. OK going back down. Kicking feet up. Slowing down. Good. And flipping over and getting up again! What the heck! Go sleep! (20 minutes later) Still getting up and walking around. Omigoodness. Go. To. Sleep. The nap is slipping away! Dang monitor! I wish I didn’t know!”


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