Ah ha moment

14 months old

It’s dinner time and Nessness is eating pretty well but then gets whinier and starts signing “all done” well before half the meal is complete. She pushes away our hands, the spoon, her plate and keeps signing “all done.” Except I know she’s not done. She didn’t have too big of a snack nor was it too close to dinner. So what’s going on? Does she need to poo? Bring her to the toilet except she doesn’t want to sit on the potty seat. So bring her back to the table where she fights to not sit in the high chair. I decide that I need to win these battles so I bend her legs and strap her in. Now she definitely doesn’t want any dinner. But I know she’s still gotta be hungry. Then I notice beads of sweat in her scalp and that her hair is sticking because it’s damp. Is it because she was fighting me? I use a take-out container lid to fan her and she lights up with big smiles and happy kicks. AH HA. Maybe it’s just because it’s 30C out and we don’t have air conditioning and she’s too hot to sit with a sleeved bib on! I know that feeling…when it’s too hot to eat…so I wash her face with cool water, take off the big bib, wipe her arms down, alternate fanning her with offering spoons of food, and dinner gets finished. Woohoo!


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