17 months old
Words she can say:

woooow – wow (first word)
chsss – cheese
hiii – hi
byeee – bye
shss – shoes
baaa bo – bubble
ahhh poe – apple
dok dok – she means “book book” for book
nah nah – Cantonese for “milk” which should be “nai nai”
mah maaah – mama
dada/baba – “baba” is Cantonese for “dad” but she mixes d’s and b’s
doh doh – Cantonese for “ball/balloon” which should actually be “boh boh”
woh woh – Cantonese slang that children use for “dog”
mau mau – Cantonese for “cat”
gahng gahng – Cantonese for “spoon” which should be “gung gung”, she refers to all utensils as this
gaai gaai – Cantonese for “chicken” which she likes to eat. But she’ll also call “fish” chicken, probably for lack of vocabulary right now.
gaii gaii – Cantonese for “street” which means “to go out”
guh guh – Cantonese for “feet” which is “gurk gurk”
ba pa – Cantonese for “chin” which should be “ha pa”
muh muh – Cantonese for “socks”

For some reason Cantonese likes to double up on words when talking to children so that when translated to English it’d be like, “Ok Nessness, let’s put away your book book and put on your sock sock and shoe shoe. We’re going out to walk walk. Here’s your jacket jacket. Oh look at that bird bird!”
She understands a lot more than what she can say though. She knows the Cantonese extended family member titles and will look or point at the correct person when asked. She knows facial body parts. She can bring mommy’s or daddy’s shoes when asked. And more! I had the expectation that babies & tots understand more than what might be expected of pre-toddlers by adults but then she surprises me with how much more she understands. 

It’s a fun stage. Don’t underestimate the little humans!


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