You’re so good!

17.5 months old

My MIL said she’ll feed Nessness since Hubs wasn’t back yet and I needed to leave for BSF. She kept on saying Nessness was so “guai” (which roughly translates from Cantonese as “good” or “well behaved”) and “leck” (translates: clever) for eating each spoonful she was fed.

Me : Mom, please save those comments only for when she’s actually accomplishing something beyond what’s expected of her. Like feeding herself.

MIL : Children need encouragement.

Me : Praising them when they’re not actually achieving anything just makes them over proud of themselves for nothing.

MIL : She’s eating what I feed her so that’s guai.

Me : No, she’s not feeding herself so she’s lazy. Because she can do it. And she’s not going to get better at it if someone keeps doing it for her.

Sigh. And Nessness IS getting lazy. She now knows her body is hers and she can control it and she has a concept of self will. Where there’s a will, there’s a won’t. (Don’t remember where I saw that but I thought it was awesome. It’s actually not awesome but you know what I mean.) She’ll have difficulty with the spoon and then hand it to me after one second of trying. If I refuse to take it she might get mad and throw it to the ground. (More on this in another post.) But I know she can feed herself so I might help scoop food and then hand it back to her to put into her mouth. If she were in daycare she’d be feeding her self long ago because you aren’t going to get personalized 1-1 care. Which is has its own positive and negative aspects…another topic for another post.

Look Mah I feed myself

What age did your munchkins feed themselves without much help? Maybe I need to manage my expectations.


One thought on “You’re so good!

  1. Awww! I think she’s doing amazing for feeding herself at 17.5 months! Aurora just hit 16 months and she doesn’t know how to use a spoon yet beyond playing with it. =)

    PS: I’m with your mom, kids need encouragement & praise. Even though feeding herself is expected, it is still an accomplishment for her when she is so little. Its her hurdle in her world. =)

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