I Love…

21 months old

  • Her big smile which is getting teethier with each month…still waiting for a bicuspid and one more first molar.
  • Hearing her repeat words, letters & numbers back to me. With practice her pronunciation is getting better in Cantonese & English.
  • Hearing her count to ten in Cantonese when we go up or down the stairs. Or just randomly she’ll count to ten.
  • Watching her try to put socks & pants on. Not successful yet.
  • The way she refers to herself by her Chinese name. It’s Mei Yee but she pronounces it Ee Yee and points to herself.
  • The way she dances with feet stomps and arm waving/flapping and spinning in circles.
  • How she picks clean a mini chicken drumstick by herself. One of her favorites.
  • When she sings to herself or when she tries to get me to sing a familiar tune. She raises her arms and says “up-uh” to refer to “Twinkle Twinkle little star”…the line “up above the world so high”.
  • When she runs to me with arms raised and a squeal because she’s excited to see me. And then proceed to ask me to “poe poe”, pick her up.
  • Watching her hug and snuggle her Bunny and Meowmeow stuffies. Though, when introduced to the real animal she’s too scared to touch it.
  • The little instructions she tries to tell me while pointing where exactly she’d like me to be: “Mommy sit” “Mommy sleep” “Mommy put” . Okay but it does get a little annoying when I have other plans and a screaming protest ensues.
  • How she loves to help out. If I tell her to rip the leaves off the vegetable, she’ll happily comply. Along with sneaking a bite and then spitting it out because the raw taste is too much. She’ll also happily set her bowl and spoon on her chair when it’s meal time. And loves to help us close the dishwasher door.
  • The rare occasion she holds my face in her hands and look into my face…while babbling something cute sounding. Though it could be “Man check out those wrinkles” for all I know.
  • How she automatically folds her hands together when she sees someone praying and then say Amen! afterwards.
  • That she doesn’t cry if another child takes a toy away from her. Sometimes she’ll see them reaching for her toy and offer it herself. But if I take a toy from her…that’s a cue for waterworks.
  • When anyone exits the house she’ll run to the window and say “see them” as she watches them leave.

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