Diaper free (almost)

22-26 months

Am a little late with this but yes, we are diaper free (almost) during the day!

It started when grandma bought some training underwear for her and she was so pleased to wear them. We told her, “Wow Nessness! When you’re a big girl and don’t need diapers, you can wear big girl underwear!”

We’d let her wear it until she wet herself and she’d say, “sup sup”, which means “wet”. This way she’d start to associate the feeling of wet with pee and unpleasant. We’d tell her, “That’s pee and you’re wet. You want to stay clean and dry so you have to pee on the toilet. You need to tell us if you need to pee so you can stay clean and dry.”

Sometimes we’ll put her on the toilet and she’ll pee to which we praise that she peed in the toilet so her underwear is clean and dry. (Clean and dry is the focus of the praise and her goal.) we then started figuring out she can hold for about 1.5-2hrs. So instead of waiting for her to tell us she needs to go, because often she’d rather play until it’s too late, we just watch the clock and say it’s time to pee. Then praise her for staying dry.

From there it was working on getting her to tell us if she feels the urge. For a while she would only tell us she didn’t need to pee but then wet herself a little before telling us. Now at 26 months she’s communicating her urge. Yay! She’s still diapered at nap time & overnight. Interestingly, her diaper is dry after her nap but if she wears panties to nap then she’ll wet them after a nap. Go figure. Here’s hoping by 30 months she’ll be completely out of diapers.


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