Deliver to Delivery Room Please

I’m 36 weeks pregnant with BB2 and have gestational diabetes again. While the endocrinologist has told me I can choose to eat whatever I want and just take the insulin shots as necessary, I’ve opted to restrict myself and keep the insulin shots to only what’s necessary. This means cutting a lot of carbs and sugars from my diet. It’s frustrating at times because I immediately want what I should not have. But what I focus on is how I’m just eating healthier in general and how there’ll be less weight to lose afterwards. I still pride myself in being back to my pre-pregnancy weight after 3ish months having done NOTHING but breastfeed.

That said, this is what I’m asking Hubs to bring to the delivery room for consumption after BB2 has entered into our world (in no particular order):

  • bubble tea
  • pho and all other rice noodles (deadly sugar item)
  • ice creams
  • honey cruller, sour cream glazed donut
  • chocolate cake/tuxedo cake/pies/any dessert really
  • banh mi (vietnamese subs…the white french bread is a killer with sugar)
  • double double steeped tea and HK style milk tea
  • ice tea and all other sweet drinks in general
  • corn and other corn products (like corn chips)
  • potatoes and potato products (chips!! fries!!)
  • meals with white rice (also sugar-filled)
  • waffles and maple syrup
  • nutella
  • condensed milk on toast
  • fruit…more than 1/2 cup of berries per day for example.

That’s all I can think or right now…besides alcohol…and I know I probably can’t eat all of that at once…but I can’t wait. Not as much as I can’t wait to meet BB2 of course. =)


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