omg 2nd yr molars

26 months

Guys/mommas/anyone reading this….toddler cutting 2nd year molars (those are the fifth tooth on either side of center, top and bottom) is a serious ordeal. Nessness only had mild discomfort while cutting all her other teeth that one dose of Tylenol or Ibroprofen took care of the issue for that tooth. It never disrupted a day’s nap or night’s sleep. Tough girl I thought. High pain tolerance I thought.

And then there’s the 2nd year molars. It starts towards their second year of life and so far, there’s no end in sight because not ONE of those suckers have actually cut through her gums yet. Come on!

The pain comes in waves…lasts a few days and then ebbs away. During that time, naps are cut short and she wakes with immediate screaming instead of the happy singing we’ve grown used to hearing. She’ll also wake in the middle of the night (when the Tylenol wears off) with screaming…high pitched and throat roaring varieties. Along with the screaming is the head thrashing, arm flailing, back arching, clawing (at me), both pushing me away and screeching to be held at the same time.

What made this last episode more difficult…is that Nessness has a bad cold. So snot and tears coming down her face will sting her reddened and chaffed nose/cheeks, in addition to the maddening pain of molars pushing through her gums. That sends her into a frenzy. We’ve all had the frustration of not being able to breath and long with a perpetual itchy drip down the nose and it’s irritating enough for an adult, never mind a little human dealing with teeth. Poor girl.

So, please send a prayer this way….and to all teething toddlers around you. As well as to their mommies and daddies.

A tip I still have to try is doubling up on Tylenol and Ibuprofen. They target different pain receptors so you can have “double” the pain killer without doubling the dose. If that makes sense.

Meanwhile…I could use a glass of wine.
If only I wasn’t pregnant.
Or a bowl of ice cream.
If only I didn’t have gestational diabetes.


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