Second time ’round

It’s true, delivering the second time around is much faster and easier than the first.

I was induced account having gestational diabetes at 38 weeks and 5 days with a single dose of cervadil, given at 3pm, July 2. At the time I was 3cm dilated but the cervix was still long so cervadil was to ripen it. By 8pm I had some regular contractions going but it was light so I decided it’d be a good time to try to nap before it gets really bad.

While in bed, I felt a ‘pop’ during a contraction and then my water broke. Thankfully I had the forethought to line the bed with plastic & a thick towel first. So then I texted the Hubs who was taking in a movie in the living room below me that my contractions were now 4 min apart and my water had broken. He came upstairs immediately and we confirmed with the hospital that I should go in. It was 11pm.

At the hospital, I was found to only be 4cm dilated and they contemplated sending me home. But the contractions continued and by 2am it was only 2 min apart. I reached 8cm dilation. I had a thought about delivering all naturally, but by that hour, I was so tired I could puke. So I asked for an epidural and went to sleep. The epidural slowed the contractions a little but not enough that I would need oxytocin (thankfully). Interestingly, the epidural this time was a “light” one where you could still walk and feel the pressure of each contraction minus the pain. At 6am i was fully dilated and the pushing began. An hour later, a handsome, albeit a little purple, baby boy landed on my chest.


Ready to go home! 


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