I Love…

22 weeks old, Obi-wan

  • The way he reaches out to hold my arm as I change his diaper
  • His hair…wondering when I should cut it though.
  • His still amazingly soft skin
  • His laugh
  • The “conversations” we’ll have…this little guy is a talker and very expressive even though he can only say la, ah, gu, lo, oh. If I make him wait before picking me up, he gives me an earful about it.
  • Watching him play in the exersaucer, discovering, learning and just having a grand time
  • Seeing him watch Nessness, smiling and reaching out to her, even though she totally gets in his face a lot of the time
  • The way he clutches onto my hair or clothes as he snuggles
  • His meaty hands and feet
  • The fact that he snuggles and likes to drap himself on my shoulder (Nessness didn’t)
  • That he’s as tough as Nessness and stops crying right after vaccinations are done

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