A Story as told by Nessness

32 months old, Nessness

This is what I understand of her continually evolving story thus far. She likes to tell it at meal times. With actions and much excitement.

The chicken is in the barn. And a shark in the barn.

The octopus eat the chicken. Nom!

The dog went to the golden sun and the elephant eat a spider. Scary!

And then the squirrel went flying…wheee! And then the fox went home.

So then the chicken in the barn. And the shark eat the octopus. gulp gulp gulp. Oh no!

The spider is this big! Scary.

And then Big Bird pooed in the sink and peed in the toilet. Oh no.

And then the dinosaur said “roooaarrr!!” The dinosaur lives in the mall with the giraffe and elephant and hippo and tiger. It went to sleep. I don’t have to be scared.

So and then the squirrel is on the roof and fall down. boom. The roof fall down.

I’ll add more to her story as it gets clearer. It’s pretty cute to see where she gets some references from and to hear what she’s imagined and put together herself.


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