Want to know how cloth diapers work in my house?

1-6 months, Obiwan

I wanted to start cloth diapers with Nessness but being the first born, and possibly because we were renovating a house right after her birth, I never got into the head space to research/purchase/use cloth diapers with her. But I wanted to considering how quickly the disposables were flying out of the boxes we were constantly buying. And considering how she tended to poo right after I changed her.

With Obiwan, a friend just sent me a Craigslist post for a set of cloth diapers and after calculating that they would be paying for themselves after 6-9 months of use, I jumped in.

Brand: Funky Fluff
Number of Covers: 24
Number of Inserts: 18 long, 18 short
Number of days to use up the diapers: 5-7 days

I still used disposables when going out and for overnight. But otherwise, I’m only doing an extra load of laundry once a week.

Before solid foods:
I didn’t use the cloth diapers until after Obiwan had passed out all the dark, gooey meconium poop. While I’ve read that you can just put the yellow goopy diapers into the wash, I really didn’t like the idea (real or imagined) of residual poop being in my washer and possibly getting into the next load of laundry. I rubbed and rinsed out all the diapers, whether just wet or soiled, before putting them in the wash. It took 30 extra minutes.

At the 4-5 month mark, I started toilet training with Obiwan, putting him on the toilet for five minutes after every feed. This saved a couple diapers from getting soiled. Then I noticed that he would fart and grunt when about to deliver solids so I’d wisk him to the toilet and catch it all there. So for a while I barely had any poo diapers to rinse. It was lovely.

I also decided rinsing out pee diapers weren’t worth the extra time so I set up a rubbermaid diaper pail under the sink and all the wet stuff went straight in. Of course anytime I opened it, a wall of putrid stink threatened to overwhelm me, especially at laundry time, but I’ve gotten good at breathing through my mouth. Small price to pay for less washing. And for keeping diapers out of the landfill!

Cloth diapering after introducing solids in the next post.


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