Want to know how cloth diapers work at my house after baby started eating solids?

6-16 months, Obiwan

The poo gets much stinkier. Much. Stinkier. Especially after the introduction of meat. But thankfully, Obiwan continued his cue from pre-solid days of grunting and getting all red in the face when about to go, usually during every meal, so we can get him on the toilet in time. Cloth diapers became a breeze. Nearly 95% of his poos went into the toilet. I didn’t have to worry about “wasting” a diaper because it’d be washed and back in use in no time.

His diaper change schedule is something like this:
8am – diaper with big insert
Noon – diaper with big insert
3pm – diaper with big insert
5pm – diaper with small insert
630pm – diaper with small insert
8pm – disposable

Around the one year mark, his cues became more stealth. He didn’t grunt as loud and he stopped going during the meal. He’d go after a meal, while playing, somewhere, out of earshot. And I’d find him in, literally, really sh*tty situations. He didn’t produce patties you could shake off. Nope. It’d be a jar of Nutella, or peanut butter mixed with whole pieces of fruit, corn, peas, grains of rice smeared all over his bum, squished up the front, and out of the legs. (I have to say however, that cloth diapers kept blowouts from going up his back, which disposables cannot do.) Oh how I wanted to just throw the whole thing away….but couldn’t because a single cloth diaper is $25. So I’d scrape everything into the toilet with a plastic spoon, throw the spoon away, and then wash the rest out before putting it in the pail. I’d say 50% of poos were in his diaper. Rough days I tell you.

While cleaning such poo-nami’s off, I’d repeatedly tell Obiwan he has to communicate when he needs to poo. He could already sign “please” and “all done” so I suggested fisted hand signals with a loud grunt to him. My hubs would shake his head and tell me he’s ready to go back to disposables. But I hung on and tried to watch for cues better, also asking Nessness to tell me if Obiwan ever grunts while they’re playing. This helped us get up to 75% of poos making it into the toilet.

Then last week, he grunted and said “foo”. I looked at him, “Do you need to poo?” He grunted again and said “foo”. So I took him to the toilet and he went!! I thought it was coincidence but he did it several more times. And sometimes he’d grunt, say “foo”, and then go to the toilet and pull his potty seat while I followed him. We’re back to 90%! Imma pretty proud Momma. 🙂

I’m hoping the cloth diaper will help in toilet training for pee as well since more moisture can be felt compared to disposables. We’ll see how things go.


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