I Love…

12 months, Obiwan

  • your big big smiles and mostly toothless grins
  • your hearty laugh
  • that you’re ticklish
  • the way you climb onto me to look at my face
  • how cute your crawl is
  • your meaty hands and feet
  • how you love to eat and will yell for more food, faster
  • the way you sign for more food or sign “all done”
  • your baby talk, I think you can almost say “nai nai” (milk)
  • your focus and determination when you have your eyes set on something
  • how you enjoy making music on the xylophone, piano, and anything else you can hit together
  • the way you converse in grunts and baby babble
  • how you still snuggle, albeit for briefer periods of time than before

Happy FIRST Birthday little man!
We love you!


Day in a Life with Two

When Obiwan was 3 mo

0700 – nurse Obiwan, put him down for nap
0800 – wake and get Nessness washed up and changed
0900 – feed Nessness breakfast
1000 – nurse Obiwan, put him down for nap
1100 – do breakfast dishes, prep lunch
1200 – feed Nessness lunch
1300 – nurse Obiwan, put him down for nap
1400 – put Nessness down for nap, wash lunch dishes
1500 – sweep, laundry, shower…or try to nap
1600 – nurse Obiwan, prep snack for Nessness when she wakes
1700 – read/play with Nessness briefly, prep dinner
1800 – prep dinner and feed Nessness dinner
1900 – nurse Obiwan while trying to eat my own dinner
2000 – bathe kids, get Nessness ready for bed, tuck her in
2100 – pack leftovers, do dinner dishes, remember to put clothes in dryer
2200 – play with Obiwan
2300 – nurse Obiwan, try to put him to bed
2400 – sleep
0200 or 0500 – nurse Obiwan, sleep after

Now when Obiwan is 8 mo

0800 – get the already awake Nessness changed and washed up, nurse Obiwan after
0900 – make and feed Nessness and Obiwan breakfast, do breakfast dishes
1000 – get out of the house (Strong Start program, library, grocery run, mall, etc)
1130 – prep lunch
1200 – feed Nessness and Obiwan lunch
1300 – nurse Obiwan
1400 – put Nessness and Obiwan down for nap, wash lunch dishes
1500 – sweep, laundry, shower…or try to nap
1600 – nurse Obiwan and put him on the jolly jumper
1630 – prep snack for Nessness when she wakes
1700 – read/play with Nessness briefly, prep dinner
1800 – prep dinner and feed Nessness and Obiwan dinner
1900 – still eating dinner
2000 – bathe kids, get Nessness ready for bed, tuck her in
– meanwhile Daddy is bottle feeding Obiwan and getting him to bed
2100 – pack leftovers, do dinner dishes, remember to put clothes in dryer
2200 – Netflix, icecream, wine (if it’s been a rough evening)
2300 – Netflix or other time wasters
2400 – pump milk for tomorrow
0100 – sleep and kick myself for staying up so late


I Love…

22 weeks old, Obi-wan

  • The way he reaches out to hold my arm as I change his diaper
  • His hair…wondering when I should cut it though.
  • His still amazingly soft skin
  • His laugh
  • The “conversations” we’ll have…this little guy is a talker and very expressive even though he can only say la, ah, gu, lo, oh. If I make him wait before picking me up, he gives me an earful about it.
  • Watching him play in the exersaucer, discovering, learning and just having a grand time
  • Seeing him watch Nessness, smiling and reaching out to her, even though she totally gets in his face a lot of the time
  • The way he clutches onto my hair or clothes as he snuggles
  • His meaty hands and feet
  • The fact that he snuggles and likes to drap himself on my shoulder (Nessness didn’t)
  • That he’s as tough as Nessness and stops crying right after vaccinations are done

I love…

8 weeks old (I’m really behind, he’s 20 weeks now), Obi-Wan

  • Gummy smiles that light up his face when he sees me or daddy.
  • “ung guu” conversations he’ll have with me as I stare into his face
  • Baby scent
  • Milk drunk floppiness
  • Baby grunts when waking up
  • Getting that big burp after a feed
  • Soft soft hands & feet
  • Watching Ness Ness give him lots of kisses



Second time ’round

It’s true, delivering the second time around is much faster and easier than the first.

I was induced account having gestational diabetes at 38 weeks and 5 days with a single dose of cervadil, given at 3pm, July 2. At the time I was 3cm dilated but the cervix was still long so cervadil was to ripen it. By 8pm I had some regular contractions going but it was light so I decided it’d be a good time to try to nap before it gets really bad.

While in bed, I felt a ‘pop’ during a contraction and then my water broke. Thankfully I had the forethought to line the bed with plastic & a thick towel first. So then I texted the Hubs who was taking in a movie in the living room below me that my contractions were now 4 min apart and my water had broken. He came upstairs immediately and we confirmed with the hospital that I should go in. It was 11pm.

At the hospital, I was found to only be 4cm dilated and they contemplated sending me home. But the contractions continued and by 2am it was only 2 min apart. I reached 8cm dilation. I had a thought about delivering all naturally, but by that hour, I was so tired I could puke. So I asked for an epidural and went to sleep. The epidural slowed the contractions a little but not enough that I would need oxytocin (thankfully). Interestingly, the epidural this time was a “light” one where you could still walk and feel the pressure of each contraction minus the pain. At 6am i was fully dilated and the pushing began. An hour later, a handsome, albeit a little purple, baby boy landed on my chest.


Ready to go home! 


Amazing little brain

22 months old

There was a big windy rain storm a couple days ago. During breakfast, while looking out the patio doors, Nessness watched the trees & branches bending and waving in the wind. She says, “Baby. Bom” and gestures towards the floor with one hand. “What baby?” we ask. She points at the bending branches, “Baby.”

Madly trying to make connections in my brain. Suddenly I get it…

“Nessness do you mean (and I sing) ‘Rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock. When the bough breaks the cradle will fall. Down will come baby, cradle and all’? ”

Her eyes widened and she smiles.

“Baby. Bom,” furrows her brows, “ohhh”

“Yes Nessness. Baby would, bom, fall down, out there.”

Am amazed she would remember and think of that. Amazing little brain. I better stay sharp myself.


Did you just LIE to me??

19 months old

It was dinner time and she was sluggishly finishing what clearly wasn’t her favorite meal. But I knew she could finish it because it was her usual portion size and she didn’t get any snacks before dinner. After dodging the spoon for a bit, she looks at me and says “pee pee”. Now, we’ve been telling her to tell us when she needs to pee, that she’s a big girl and won’t need to wear diapers anymore if she can tell us regularly. So of course we want to honor her communication! As I’m unbuckling her from the highchair she’s got a sneaky grin on her face. I have a suspicion she might be playing me…but benefit of the doubt right? As soon as her bum lands on the toilet seat, she arches and says “all done!” I say, “No, you told Mommy you need to pee so you have to sit and pee.” But she screams and says “All done! all done!” I don’t want her to be traumatized by the toilet so I relent but WAS THAT NOT A LIE??

It was a fight to get her back into her highchair but I was determined…you don’t lie and then get what you want afterwards by not finishing your meal!! We employed the same tactic as when she’s defiant by turning her chair towards a blank wall. She finished her dinner.

This is problematic…if lying starts now, what is it going to be like in a few years? Or when she’s a teen? *shudder* Little lies now can grow into big ones like forgery or fraud. It’s severe and needs to be clamped down on in my mind. But what is an appropriate consequence of lying for this age?

Well the next time she lied about needing to pee or poo, I immediately stuck her in the bathtub, pants around the ankles and said, “You lied to Mommy about needing to pee and that is wrong. This is your punishment.” And then I turned my back on her. I let her cry for one minute, turned back to her and knelt at eye level. “When you say you need to pee, you have to tell the truth. Lying is wrong. Can you say ‘Sorry Mommy’?” She stops crying and dips her head towards mine; I touch my head to hers as I accept her apology. I tell her, “Next time only say you have to pee if you really have to pee. If you understand say ‘Yes Mommy’.” And she said “yes.” Okay then.

Well, next time she lied to Daddy. I prepped him ahead of time so he repeated the bathtub scenario and this time she tried to climb out. But she was quick to apologize and dry her tears and quickly go back to her chair to finish dinner. And we haven’t had to do that since…so hopefully lesson learned?

What have you done when your child lies to you?