I Love…

12 months, Obiwan

  • your big big smiles and mostly toothless grins
  • your hearty laugh
  • that you’re ticklish
  • the way you climb onto me to look at my face
  • how cute your crawl is
  • your meaty hands and feet
  • how you love to eat and will yell for more food, faster
  • the way you sign for more food or sign “all done”
  • your baby talk, I think you can almost say “nai nai” (milk)
  • your focus and determination when you have your eyes set on something
  • how you enjoy making music on the xylophone, piano, and anything else you can hit together
  • the way you converse in grunts and baby babble
  • how you still snuggle, albeit for briefer periods of time than before

Happy FIRST Birthday little man!
We love you!


I Love…

2 YEARS old (and half a month late)

  • When she sings to herself…and you can actually tell what song she’s singing because she’s got the melody down.
  • When she leans forward, touches my arm, looks me in the eyes and has a very engaging conversation, including hand gestures and laughing to self….I’d love to know what she was saying.
  • When she asks for a cracker and I pause and look at her and then she says “Please!”
  • When it’s time to leave for Strong Start and she’ll give me a hug, then stand outside the screen door to blow kisses and wave…turning away to take two steps before looking back again, all the way until she makes it out the front gate, still blowing kisses and waving at me through the gaps between the fence. Makes me not want to work.
  • The way she very appropriately says “Ai Yah!” when any of us accidently make a boo-boo or after we tickle her to pieces.
  • When she reminds us who she wants to pray for before meal time by saying a list of names.
  • When she talks about her friends “Raffi mui mui”, “Sai sai goh goh”, “Jun jun goh goh”…and when I remind her of other friends’ names she can’t pronounce yet she lights up and says “Yeah!”
  • When she comes up to my growing belly and points while saying “daidai” (“younger brother” in Cantonese), then kisses my belly.
  • The way she gives us hugs and pats her little hands on us.
  • When I put her to bed and say “Love you Nessness” and she replies¬†“wuf you Mommy”
  • The way she finds certain things completely hilarious and teaches me to find joy in little things too.
  • Her attempts at bargaining: “Last one, okay?”, “Poe yut jun, okay?” (“Carry me for a moment, okay?”), “Not yet!”, “Mommy do it” or “Yee yee do it”
  • When she sees me and says, “Hi Mommy!” and then wraps her arms around my leg as she beams up at me.
  • When she waits until I’m half way up the stairs before calling out, “Mommy sek sek (kiss)” and pointing at her cheeks. I can’t help but come back down to fulfill that request.

And then there’ll be two


That’s right…BB2 is delightfully on the way, expected July 11th so I’m over halfway there! I was nervous through the first trimester after our previous loss but the constant nausea/perpetual terrible taste in my mouth told me things were going well. Energy and appetite is great in second tri though I have GDM again so am watching my carb/sugar intake. I’m sad to have to limit my noodle intake. Am also praying I won’t be insulin dependent like I was with Nessness. We’re really thankful and excited otherwise.

Any thoughts on how to prepare for two?



My little Nessness turned one yesterday.

It’s kind of a bigish deal….but not really anything she’ll remember. I was torn about whether to have an intimate immediate family kind of deal to avoid the pressures of children’s birthdays or whether to invite everyone who’s been so supportive of us this first year….which I want to do…but without the pressure to making it all themed and Pintrest worthy. My husband said it can still be a gathering of family and good friends without having to make it Pintrest worthy. He’s right. Why pressure myself? Who cares really if we don’t have a theme or picture perfect decorations? Or picture worthy food spread? Or professional photos? Not the people who love and support us! And not Nessness….she’s going to see a candle and smash her little carrot or zucchini cupcake and it’ll all be fantastic.

So we sent out the evite and 50 people rsvp’d (Omg, introvert freak out moment). We prayed for good weather and planned to get kids funneled into the back yard. Hung two “happy birthday” banners and 21 balloons (of which only 4 were filled with helium because it costs $1.35 each to fill). Hired a friend with a home bakery business to do the baked stuff and hit up Costco for the rest.

Nessness laughed, cried, had lots of people to walk with her & play with her, missed her afternoon nap, got cranky, delicately ate her banana cake, and had more sugar in one sitting than in her entire life but she is one! We all survived the first year! (And I survived a big party….went to bed two hours early.)

Yup, our Nessness is one. We praise God for His grace & mercy. And now I brace myself for the pretoddler phase.


First Christmas

It’s low key. There are three presents under the tree and two are for her. From a friend and from family. Her very first Christmas ornament was given by her Aunt and I think that’s all we’ve got going in the way of material Christmas things. We haven’t decided what our family traditions will be but for sure we want it to be about Jesus. And for sure we don’t want it to just be about the gifts. We want to foster generosity, hospitality and meaningful relationships. Truthfully we don’t exactly know how to do this very well ourselves but we’ll start it together this first Christmas. Thank you for coming to be with us Jesus!