From the Mouth of Babes

32 months old, Nessness

Toddlers are so literal…it’s awesome:

N: GungGung PohPoh live in Calgary. YehYeh MahMah lives in Edmonton.
Me: Where do you live Nessness?
N: At home.

N: (pointing at CD) We can put it into the ABCD player and listen to music.
Me: You mean the CD player.
N: The ABCD player!
(This was a few months ago…she’s got it down now.)

N: There is hair on your floor Mommy. It’s dirty. You need to clean.
Me: (IknowIknowIknow)

N: Where is Baba?
Me: He’s at work?
N: What does he do?
Me: He’s a physiotherapist. He helps people feel better.
N: Baba helps people feel better by putting on a bandage and giving them hugs.
Me: um…kinda.

My Aunt: Your noodles look yummy, how about you share some with your brother?
N: We can’t! He has no teeth!! (This sounds way cuter in Cantonese)

Me: Do you like the bike GungGung (maternal grandfather) gave you?
N: Yes!
Me: Ok let’s try riding it later.
N: No! It’s nap time and I have to go nap!
Me: Right. That’s why I said “later”
N: No! It’s nap time!
Me: Ok…it’s nap time.


2.5 yrs old, Ness Ness

Yesterday’s conversation, in Cantonese:

Mom/Dad – Time to go home Ness Ness
Ness Ness – No I want to stay
MD – We need to go home, or do you want us to leave you at the mall by yourself?
NN – Leave me here. Mama baba go home.
MD – Why don’t you want to go home? Don’t you like your big girl bed and your stuffies?
NN – Yes.
MD – Then let’s all go home
NN – No. Mommy & daddy go home. Ness Ness stay here.
MD – Don’t you like mommy & daddy?
NN – (silence)
MD – Do you like mommy & daddy?
NN – No
MD – 😱:'(
MD – Do you love mommy & daddy?
NN – Yes
MD – *phew*

Makes sense…she loves us even if she doesn’t like us sometimes. But omg, she’s only 2.5! (almost)